Paper 1 topic (paper due Jan. 31)

Write a 4-5 page double-spaced typed paper (in a 12 point font) discussing an idea from the Principe book and comparing Principe's example with an outside past or present-day example. Note that you are required to use this structure: half your paper explaining specifics from the book and half based on research into a material not covered by the book on a related topic, past or present.  You must discuss the method or character or philosophical underpinnings or world view of science during the scientific revolution, not just facts and specific theories. General paper instructions are here:

You may use APA, MLA or Chicago format for your references.  Online sources of all types are appropriate, if used critically and referenced appropriately.  Make sure to reread the discussion of academic integrity in the syllabus.

Ideas for topics:

How do you do research?

you are not looking for facts, you are looking for the perspectives of different historians or different groups in society and then ask why?