Takehome final: Write an essay of 3-4 double spaced pages on the following topic.  You must cite your sources and quote and paraphrase correctly but you can use informal references in the text; example:  (Hughes, ch. 8). Make sure to organize your argument into paragraphs with topic sentences and use specific evidence.

Takehome final exam question:

How and why have changes in society since the early modern era changed the questions scientists ask?  Use an example from each book to support your argument (the examples need not be related). Note that this question is one aspect of the impact of society on science, not the other way around. You probably want to pick examples of scientific questions that are more shaped by society, not the ones that are very narrow.

Answers to questions about the exam:
Ideas for the questions scientists ask:

once you begin to understand genetics, can it be applied to improve the human race?
Once you understand atomic energy/radiation..., how can it be applied to military use?
How has religion impacted science and the way it works from the early modern era to today?
how can we reconcile new discoveries in science with religion?
How do the already-present prejudices of society (in America) result in bias in scientific research?
As scientific knowledge is sought after, how do the goals of society influence the means of doing so?
how and why do the views and wishes of the government and the political ideas of the time affect the questions scientists ask and lead to new theories?

Kinds of knowledge;