Earley 2
highest sea level:
past sea level

lowest sea level:
shoreline at maximum glaciation

South Carolina wetlands

wetland loss"to be officially classified as a wetland, an area must have one or more of the following:
  1. It must support the growth of specific types of water loving plants.
  2. The soil must be of a moisture-filled (hydric) type.
  3. The soil must be saturated or covered with water at some time during each growing season." (source)

more on types of wetlands

history of wetlands

Tall Timbers Research Station:

Longleaf adaptations to summer fire:

longleaf sprout
longleaf in grass stage
Controversies over fire ecology:

The way of thinking that says we have conquered nature sets up culture and nature as opposites
but thinking about it another way human culture is a part of nature