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This book is a survey of the history of American technology

What is technology (see our earlier discussion of definitions) ?
History of technology looks at the whole range from craft to science

Native Americans lived in many different ways, but many of them did much to manipulate their environment

  yeoman farmer's cabin
colonial cabin
Colonial Americans used essentially medieval technology, with a few notable improvements
shovel plowShovel Plow at Mt. Vernon
american axes

Hagood Mill, Pickens, SC, PEM photo 
Hagood millWater mill at Hagley museum
                               Hagley Museum, Delaware, PEM photo
water and wind powered mills were widely used to grind grain and saw wood
moving picture showing how a water mill works
 Grist Mill (for grinding grain)

 iron smelting
Iron was smelted on what were called iron plantations , using charcoal as the fuel
iron smelting in Africa
  African Iron Smelting

Trade was the center of the economy

after the American revolution the industrial revolution in Britain began to have an effect--the economy became more based on trade and the opportunity for manufacturing opened up (next class)

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